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Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

VRLA technology utilizes sealed batteries where gas escapes through safety valves only during overcharging or cell failure. AGM batteries have electrolyte absorbed in a glass-fibre mat, suitable for delivering short bursts of high currents. Gel batteries have immobilized gel electrolyte, offering longer service life and better cycle capacity. Victron VRLA batteries have low self-discharge rates and exceptional deep discharge recovery. The rated capacity of Victron batteries varies based on discharge current, with a decrease in effective capacity at higher discharge rates.

Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

Innovative Battery: AGM Super Cycle batteries with advanced electrochemistry developments.
100% DoD Performance: Withstands at least 300 cycles of complete discharge without damage.
Smaller and Lighter: Compact size and reduced weight compared to standard AGM batteries.
Low Internal Resistance: Offers lower internal resistance for improved efficiency.

Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery Specification:

Article number V Ah C5 (10.8V) Ah C10 (10.8V) Ah C20 (10.8V) lxwxh mm Weight kg CCA @0°F RES CAP @80°F Terminals
BAT412015080 12 13 14 15 151 x 100 x 103 4,1 Faston
BAT412025081 12 22 24 25 181 x 77 x 175 6,5 M5 insert
BAT412038081 12 34 36 38 267 x 77 x 175 9,5 M5 insert
BAT412060081 12 52 56 60 224 x 135 x 178 14 300 90 M5 insert
BAT412110081 12 82 90 100 260 x 168 x 215 26 500 170 M6 insert
BAT412112081 12 105 114 125 330 x 171 x 214 33 550 220 M8 insert
BAT412117081 12 145 153 170 336 x 172 x 280 45 600 290 M8 insert
BAT412123081 12 200 210 230 532 x 207 x 226 57 700 400 M8 insert


What is the difference between a Gel battery and an AGM battery?

Gel batteries and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are both types of sealed lead-acid batteries. The main difference lies in the electrolyte. Gel batteries use a gel-like electrolyte, while AGM batteries use a fiberglass mat soaked in electrolyte. Gel batteries are known for their deep cycling capabilities, low self-discharge rates, and resistance to vibration.

What is the capacity of the Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery?

This battery has a capacity of 165Ah (Ampere-hours), indicating the amount of charge it can deliver over a specified period of time.

Is the Victron 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery suitable for solar applications?

Yes, the Victron Gel Deep Cycle Battery is well-suited for solar applications. Its deep cycling capabilities make it ideal for storing and delivering power generated by solar panels.