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OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel

OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel

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OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel

Discover the power of solar energy with our high-wattage 12V 180 watt solar panel. Efficient, cost-effective, and easy to set up, it's perfect for camping trips or as an additional energy source outdoors. The tempered glass surface ensures durability, while its impressive efficiency delivers power even on cloudy days. Embrace sustainable energy and unlock the potential of solar power with our reliable solar panel.


  • 1x 180W Fixed Solar Panel
  • 1x 1m Solar Cable
  • 1x MC4 Connectors
  • 1x Junction Box


  • 5 - 7 working days

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OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel

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    OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel

    Advanced mono-crystalline cell technology for high efficiency and longevity.
    Sturdy anodized aluminum alloy frame for easy mounting and weather resistance.
    Strong tempered glass for improved light absorption and durability.
    Lightweight and portable design for on-the-go solar charging.
    Rooftop mounting kit for convenient installation on vehicles, caravans, or RVs.
    German certified with reliable output and adherence to industry standards.

    OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel Specification:

    Cell Type Monocrystalline
    Grade Grade A
    Max. wattage 180
    Max. power voltage 17.5V
    Max. power current 12.22A
    Open circuit voltage 22.5V
    Short circuit current 13.6A
    Weight 7.8kg
    Dimension 1080 x 710x 30mm


    What is the power output of the OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel?

    The OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel has a power output of 180 watts, providing efficient energy generation for various applications

    Is the OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel compatible with battery storage systems?

    Yes, the OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel is compatible with battery storage systems, allowing you to store excess energy for later use or during times of low sunlight.

    What is the warranty period for the OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel?

    The OkSolar™ 180W Fixed Solar Panel comes with a [insert warranty period] warranty, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your investment.

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