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OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel

OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel

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 OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel

Harness the power of renewable solar energy with our high-wattage 12V 250 watt solar panel. Designed for easy setup, even for first-time users, it provides a reliable and safe power source for camping trips and outdoor activities. With its efficient performance and durable tempered glass surface, you can rely on this solar panel to deliver optimal power generation, even on cloudy days.


  • 1x 250W Fixed Solar Panel
  • 1x 90cm Solar Cable
  • 1x MC4 Connectors


  • 5 - 7 working days

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OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel

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    OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel

    Efficient monocrystalline cell technology.
    Sturdy and easy-to-mount aluminum alloy frame.
    Durable tempered glass surface.
    Lightweight and portable design.
    Rooftop mounting capability.
    German certified for effective performance.

    OkSolar™ 250W Fixed Solar Panel Specification:

    Cell Type Monocrystalline
    Grade Grade A Q cell
    Max. wattage 250W
    Max. power voltage 23.8V
    Max. power current 10.5A
    Open circuit voltage 29.3V
    Short circuit current 10.9A
    Weight 15kg
    Dimension 1330 x 990 x 35mm


    Is the 250W Fixed Solar Panel compatible with my camping setup?

    Absolutely! Our solar panel is designed to be versatile and can easily integrate with various camping setups, including RVs, caravans, and tents.

    Can I use the solar panel during cloudy days?

    Yes, our 250W Fixed Solar Panel is highly efficient and can still generate power even during cloudy days, ensuring a reliable energy source for your outdoor adventures.

    How long does the solar panel last?

    Our solar panel is built to last with a life expectancy of around half a century. You can enjoy its benefits for many years to come, making it a smart and sustainable investment.