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Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

VRLA technology utilizes sealed batteries with safety valves for gas escape only in case of overcharging or cell failure. AGM batteries absorb electrolyte into a glass-fibre mat, suitable for short bursts of high current. Gel batteries have immobilized gel electrolyte, offering longer service life and better cycle capacity. VRLA batteries have low self-discharge rates, enabling storage for extended periods. Victron VRLA batteries exhibit exceptional deep discharge recovery. Battery discharge characteristics vary based on rated capacity and discharge currents, with decreasing effective capacity at higher currents.

Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Innovative Battery: AGM Super Cycle batteries with advanced electrochemistry developments.
Exceptional 100% DoD Performance: Withstands at least 300 cycles of 100% depth of discharge.
Smaller and Lighter: Slightly smaller size and reduced weight compared to standard deep cycle AGM batteries.
Low Internal Resistance: Features lower internal resistance for improved efficiency.

Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Specification:

Article number V Ah C5 (10.8V) Ah C10 (10.8V) Ah C20 (10.8V) lxwxh mm Weight kg CCA @0°F RES CAP @80°F Terminals
BAT412015080 12 13 14 15 151 x 100 x 103 4,1 Faston
BAT412025081 12 22 24 25 181 x 77 x 175 6,5 M5 insert
BAT412038081 12 34 36 38 267 x 77 x 175 9,5 M5 insert
BAT412060081 12 52 56 60 224 x 135 x 178 14 300 90 M5 insert
BAT412110081 12 82 90 100 260 x 168 x 215 26 500 170 M6 insert
BAT412112081 12 105 114 125 330 x 171 x 214 33 550 220 M8 insert
BAT412117081 12 145 153 170 336 x 172 x 280 45 600 290 M8 insert
BAT412123081 12 200 210 230 532 x 207 x 226 57 700 400 M8 insert


What is the capacity of the Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery?

The battery has a capacity of 220Ah, which stands for Ampere-hours. This rating indicates the amount of charge the battery can deliver over a specified period of time.

Does the Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery require regular maintenance?

No, AGM batteries are sealed and maintenance-free. They do not require adding water or checking electrolyte levels. However, it is still important to ensure proper charging and storage conditions to maximize battery life.

What are the recommended charging parameters for the Victron 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery?

It is recommended to charge AGM batteries with a charger specifically designed for AGM batteries. The charging voltage should be set according to the battery manufacturer's recommendations, typically around 14.4 to 14.8 volts for a 12V battery.