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OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel

OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel

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OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel

"Efficient and cost-effective, OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel offers reliable power for camping and outdoor use. Easy setup, durable tempered glass, and high efficiency even on cloudy days."


  • 1x 100W Fixed Solar Panel


  • 5 - 7 working days 

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OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel

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      OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel

      Sturdy aluminum frame for easy mounting on vehicles or rooftops, weather-resistant.

      Tempered glass protects solar cell, improves absorption, reduces dust.

      Heavy-duty yet lightweight for portable solar charging.

      Easy rooftop installation for continuous outdoor charging.

      German certified with monocrystalline cells for effective output.

      OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel Specification:

      Solar Cell Siemens
      Grade Grade A
      Max. wattage 100W
      Max. power voltage 20.6V
      Max. power current 7.4A
      Open circuit voltage 22.66V
      Short circuit current 7.9A
      Weight 6.5kg
      Junction Box IP65 Rated
      Dimension 780x 670 x 35mm


      Is the OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel suitable for camping trips?

      Yes, the OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel is perfect for camping trips as it provides a reliable and safe power source for your outdoor activities.

      Can the OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel be used during cloudy days?

      Yes, the OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel is highly efficient and can generate power even on cloudy days, ensuring continuous energy supply.

      Is the installation process easy for first-time solar panel owners?

      Absolutely! The OkSolar™ 100W Fixed Solar Panel has an easy setup design, making it user-friendly and suitable for both experienced and first-time solar panel owners.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Ahmet bat
      They dont respond or send item out

      Been over a month, no tracking dispatch confirmation.

      Sent multiple emails. No responce. Np product. Been waiting since 2nd February.

      Requested refund at this stage. No responce.

      Don't deal with this company as they won't even respond to you.

      David Butler Onsite Mower Repair

      Took over 2 weeks to arrive, company was very slow at replying to emails regarding despatch and tracking etc... decided to cancel order after 2 weeks and purchased a solar panel from a more reliable company, then magically it's been sent all of a sudden. When it finally arrived, it was not as described. It's listed as having a thickness of 35mm, when it's actually 30mm (so it won't fit properly in the redarc roof rack mounts). Trying to return this item not, but once again they are not replying to my emails! Last email was a week and a half ago.