Iconic Series Pair 9inch Osram Laser LED Driving Light 1Lux @1,799m 17,370Lumens

Iconic Series Pair 9inch Osram Laser LED Driving Light 1Lux @1,799m 17,370Lumens

Iconic Series Pair 9inch Osram Laser LED Driving Light 1Lux @1,799m 17,370Lumens

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How to avoid hitting something in advance while driving at night? The answer is simple – you see it before you run into it. The Lightfox 9" laser/LED driving light has integrated the latest progress in off-road lighting industry, Hybrid Laser/LED technology, to smash competition! The central laser module, whose reflector cup has been geometrically upgraded, is designed to throw light at an unparalleled long-distance, 1Lux@1,799m(pair). It is surrounded by 28 Osram chips to deliver added visual area of width with Optic Focus Tech, delivering a combined 17,370lm(pair)! And 2° laser beam and 15° driving beam are designed for a complete off-road visibility solution devoid of shadows or patches. 5,700 Kelvin means less eye fatigue and makes the surrounding look natural. Built with virtually indestructible PC lens and powder coated die-cast aluminum housing and dense heat sinks, this IP-68 rated LED driving light also comes with a 5-Year warranty to serve as its quality assurance.
Laser/LED Hybrid: The central laser module is surrounded by 28 Osram LED chips to deliver unparalleled long-distance visibility with added visual area of width.
Laser Geometry: The reflector cup of the central laser module has been geometrically upgraded to throw light to an incredible 1Lux@1,799m(pair).
Optic Focus Tech: Supported by OSRAM LEDS, this technology further maximizes LED light harvesting and delivers monstrous 17,370lm(pair).
Ultra Vision: 2° laser beam and 15° driving beam are engineered for a complete off-road visibility solution devoid of shadows or patches.
Complete Clarity: 5,700 Kelvin offers stunning clarity even in poor conditions, allowing you to see obstacles and hazards with reduced eye fatigue.
Tough Construction: Virtually indestructible PC lens won’t fade or turn yellow and powder coated die-cast aluminum housing is corrosion and rust resistant.
Upgraded Heat Sinks: Dense aluminum heat sinks are built to deliver more efficient transfer of heat, and a 5-year warranty also serves as its quality assurance..
Optimized Design: Built-in protection mechanism of this LED driving light protects it from circuit interference, over-temperature and reverse polarity.
Added Benefits: A wiring harness with switch is attached, and the black cover can also be used to cover the exceeding light, making your car ADR compliant.
Note: It is recommended to place the rubber pad under the bracket of your driving light against potential fracture in high vibration environment. Brand: LIGHTFOX
LUX Rating: 1Lux@1,799m(Pair)
Lumen: 17,370 (Pair)
Dimension: 9’’
Waterproof: IP68 Rating
Bulb Type: Laser/LED Hybrid
Laser Beam: 2°
Driving Beam: 15°
Colour Temperature: 5700 Kelvin
Housing Material: Aluminium
Heat Sink: Aluminium
Lens Cover: Strengthened PC
Bracket: Stainless Steel
Sealing Material: Silicone
Relative Light Intensity: 78% (150°C)
Expected Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Operating Environment: -40 - 150°C
Gross Weight: 7.36kg
Package Dimension: 54.5 x 31.5 x 16cm
Pair Lightfox 9” Laser Driving Lights
2 x Clear Protective Covers
2 x Blackout Protective Covers
2 x Mounting Brackets
2 x Rubber Pads
2 x Mounting Hardware
2 x Extension Harnesses
1 x Wiring Harness
5 Year Warranty

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