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BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh

BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh

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BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh

  • The BLUETTI EP500 is shipped with a ground-breaking 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery pack and a 2000W rated (3000W for the EP500 Pro) pure sine wave AC inverter. This class-leading power station brings you the power to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your whole house for a day or two in the event of an unexpected outage. Up to 14 outlet sources allow you to power anything from laptops and air conditioners to your electric vehicles without breaking a sweat.
  • Safe, Smart, And Continuously Evolving
  • The advanced Battery Management System and LiFePO4 chemistry bring the EP500/PRO incredible safety and durability. With the built-in dual-core microcomputer and Internet connection, the EP500’s firmware can be upgraded through your internet connection. There is no best, only better!
  • Seamless UPS Backup
  • The EP500/PRO will automatically become your home energy source for essential loads when the electrical grid goes down. Unlike gasoline generators, BLUETTI EP500/PRO keeps your lights on and laptops charged without upkeep, fuel, carbon monoxide or annoying noise. Pair with up to 1200W MPPT solar input to rapidly recharge or to keep your appliances running without depleting the onboard battery. Remember when you had to worry about a power outage? Worry no longer, Meet BLUETTI EP500/EP500PRO.
  • How to use the EP500/EP500PRO
  • Designed as a flexible power station to meet various scenarios, the EP500 Series has different usages.
  • Never Run Out of Power
  • Suitable for various occasions

Looking for a reliable and powerful solar power station? Check out the BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro! With 2,000W/3,000W of power and a 5,100Wh battery, this solar power station can handle anything you throw at it. Plus, the UPS charging and app remote control make it easy to keep your devices charged and give you peace of mind.

 BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh

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BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh

5100Wh LiFePO4, 6000+Charge Cycle
EP500: 2000W Pure Sine Wave Output
Movable Power Station
In-grid UPS Mode&Flexible UPS Mode(24/7)
Off-grid Energy Storage
Multiple Devices Can Be Loaded Simultaneously
Flexible Recharging Way To Keep Your EP500 Always On
App Remote Control
Smart Touchscreen
All-in-one Backup Power Station

BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station | 2,000W/3,000W 5,100Wh Specification:

EP500 AC Rated Power:

(peak 4800W)

EP500 Net Weight:

≈76kg (167lbs)

EP500 Pro AC Rated Power:

(peak 6000W)

EP500 Pro Net Weight:

≈83kg (182lbs)


500*300*760mm (22.8*11.8*29.9in)

Battery Capacity:


Battery Cell Type:


Rated Life Cycle:


Charge Temperature:

0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~104°F)

Storage Ambient Temperature:

0°C ~ 45°C (32°F ~113°F)

Working Environment humidity:



PSE, FCC, CE, UN38.3, msds, UL, SAA and ROHS

Warranty Period:

36 Months from Bluetti, please contact for more info.

Input Specs

EP500 AC Input:

600W Max, 90-264VAC

EP500 PV Input or T400 Input:

1200W Max,
55-145VDC, 20A

EP500 Pro AC Input:

3000W Max

EP500 Pro PV Input or T400 Input:

2400W Max,
35-150VDC, 12A*2,12V/24V,8.2A

Output Specs

EP500 USB-C:


EP500 AC:


EP500 Pro USB-C:


EP500 Pro AC:



2*Quick Charging, 36W Total, 2*5VDC, 3A Total

Cigarette Lighter:

1*12VDC, 10A

RV (Aviation Port):

1*12VDC, 30A

DC 5521:

2*12VDC, 10A Total

Wireless Charging Pad:



What is the UPS switching time?

There are two types of working conditions of UPS for EP500.
No delay for online UPS.;
20ms from standby UPS.

How much is the loss of AC and DC?

In standby state: less than 10W,
AC_ON & DC_OFF: less than 20W,
AC-ON & DC_ON: less than 25W

After the stated 6000 battery cycles, how much capacity is left in EP500 and EP500 Pro?

EP500 and EP500 Pro can maintain above 50% capacity after 6000 cycles.