ATEM POWER AP500X Portable Power Station 500W Generator Solar Charging Battery Backup

ATEM POWER AP500X Portable Power Station 500W Generator Solar Charging Battery Backup

ATEM POWER AP500X Portable Power Station 500W Generator Solar Charging Battery Backup

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If you're looking for a solidly built portable power station that combines capacity, plenty of ports, portability and safety, ATEM POWER has got you covered! When fully charged, this portable generator provides 518Wh capacity that can charge your phone 48 times, and run small appliances, like a mini fridge for 11 hours or a TV for 3~5 hours. The lithium power station features 2 AC ports, 1 CIG socket, 4 USB ports, and it is rechargeable via AC-DC Input, Anderson plug from solar panel and a 60W USB-C port. It offers a fast rechargeability that takes 3 hours to charge from 0% to 80%, or to full in 5.5 hours with supplied charger. In addition, this lightweight inverter generator, which only weights 4.72kg, is easy to carry wherever you need electricity. Pure sine wave inverter inside produces stable electricity and MPPT controller ensures efficient solar charge. This emergency power station also comes with BMS to protect sensitive electronics and a detachable LED light for flexibility.
High Capacity: This lithium power station/inverter generator offers 518Wh capacity to recharge a tablet over 5 times, or power a mini-refrigerator up to 11 hours.
Solid Performance: The Lithium ion battery pack delivers stable output against cold temperature and offers a SoC of about 80% after 300 deep cycles.
Multiple Ports: Receive power from AC-DC Input, Anderson plug from solar, a 60W USB-C port and discharge through 2 AC ports, a CIG socket and 4 USB ports.
Fast Charging: The supplied charger enables this portable power station to be charged from 0%~80% in 3 hours, or to full in 5.5 hours.
MPPT Solar Controller: This portable power station has a built-in 100W MPPT controller to ensure you’re getting the most efficient solar charge possible.
Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Capable of providing 500W of power, with a surge of 1,000W, it is what gives this portable generator the ability to make you energized.
Versatile Functionality: Devices including smartphones and laptops can plug straight into it for quick charge and keep your CPAP, fridge or TV running smoothly.
Enhanced Protection: Built-in BMS offers over-charge/discharge protection, high/low temperature protection and 2 fans are integrated for rapid heat dissipation.
Super Portability: You can easily pack this emergency power station in some corner of your vehicle. Also, it weighs only 4.72kg that adds up to its portability.
Optimally Engineered: LCD display offers real-time usage data, detachable LED light makes illumination more flexible, and sleek design for more refined look!

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