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12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery

12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery

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12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery


If you’re planning off-grid camping, a DC-DC charger by ATEM POWER will be your perfect companion for a dual battery setup when you cannot access the main power. This device, which is designed to do a full charge cycle with the ability to choose either Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, calcium, or LiFePO4 batteries and apply the suitable charging profile to prolong their lifespan, also incorporates a Re-selection Ready mechanism that allows you to re-select the battery during charging by long pressing “POWER”. And it can be connected indefinitely when you’re all set up! This ATEM POWER DC-DC charger is also a fully multi-input charger that is able to charge from either an alternator to get the best possible rate of flow into your secondary battery and keep it up on the drive or via solar power with the built-in MPPT controller for faster charging and reducing the load on your engine! And multiple protections are integrated to keep the battery safe, especially in case of accidental terminal misconnection.

Please note: always refer to the wiring diagram in this listing for the latest wiring setup of the product as the user manual might be for the previous version.

12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery

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12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery

Dual Input: This Charger is designed to effectively pull power from solar panels (up to 20A) or the vehicle’s alternator to charge your auxiliary battery.
Multi-Stage Charging: This charger integrates standby, pre-charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, full charge, and re-charge.
Multi Battery Selection: This DC-to-DC charger by ATEM POWER is compatible with Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, calcium, and LiFePO4 batteries.
Built-In MPPT Regulator: The regulator is designed to harvest up more energy from the solar panel.
Multiple Protection: It integrates over-charge, short circuit, over-temperature, thermal load, solar input overload, and input/output reverse polarity protection.
Internal Temperature Monitoring: This mechanism can effectively protect the circuit board, thus prolonging the lifespan of the charger.
Sturdy Construction: Sturdy aluminum housing is built to resist harsh conditions and quality wires are built for long last durability.
Upgraded Charging Algorithm: This algorithm is designed to select the optimum charge mode and revive your discharged battery.
Smart Alternator Compatible: The ACC wire can be wired to the ignition to adjust voltage cut-off, which is suitable for modern vehicles, trailers, and caravans.
User-Friendly Design: The LED indicator shows the real-time stage of charging and the memory function is integrated to make your charging more convenient.

12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT System Kit Isolator Dual Battery Specification:

Type: Multi Stage

DC Battery: 13.0~16.0Volts

Solar Input: 16.0-25.0 Volts

Output/Charging Voltage: 14.4~15.4 Volts(Stops charging when alternator output or vehicle battery below 12.5 volts)
Output Current:

DC Output: 20A

Solar Output: 20A

Minimum Start Voltage: 2.5 Volts-For battery being charged
Soft Start: Yes
Operational Temperature: -10℃~45℃
Soft Charge Current: DCDS20@20A
Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V(AGM/Gel)14.4V(Lead Acid)15.4V(Calcium)14.4V(LiFePO4)
Absorption: Constant voltage with automatic amperage control
Equalisation: Automatic
Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V(AGM/Gel)13.5V(Lead Acid)13.5V(Calcium)
Float Charge Current: 100mA
Battery Range: 60 to 600Ah
0-1 Metres: 12AWG
1-5 Metres: 8 AWG
5 Metres+: 6 AWG


What is MPPT in a DC to DC battery charger?

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. It is a technology used in solar charge controllers and some DC to DC battery chargers to maximize the power output from solar panels or other power sources. MPPT helps optimize the charging efficiency and harvest more power from the input source.

How does a DC to DC battery charger work?

A DC to DC battery charger takes the input DC voltage from the primary battery or power source and converts it to the desired output voltage for charging the secondary battery. It typically incorporates a voltage regulator, charging algorithm, and sometimes MPPT technology to efficiently charge the battery.

What is a dual battery system?

A dual battery system refers to a setup in which two batteries are connected in a vehicle or power system. One battery, often called the primary or starting battery, is used to start the engine or power the main system, while the other battery, known as the auxiliary or deep cycle battery, is used for auxiliary power needs like running appliances, lighting, or other accessories.