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12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket

12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket

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12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket


If you are a frequent traveler, you must know how critical it is to have a flexible power source with you. And this is where the ATEM POWER foldable solar panel comes into play. Made from poly/cotton canvas, this 200W solar blanket can be packed down to 1/8 of its full size and weighs only 5.9kg, which makes it ideal for camping, RVing, and most outdoor activities. And all cables are terminated with Anderson plugs for an easy and secure connection. A-grade monocrystalline solar cells feature an energy conversion efficiency of 23.5% for efficient power output when your electronic device drains. This solar blanket features an auto-optimization function for immediate reconnection when sunlight returns after charging interruption and comes with a lithium-compatible MPPT controller which can adjust the voltage to get a boost of current during times of peak demand and helps you get 20% more energy than a PWM controller. With ATEM POWER, you are fully equipped to rediscover the fun of off-road.

12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket

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12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket

Monocrystalline Solar Cell: A-Grade, up to 23.5% efficiency.
Premium PET Films: 95% light penetration for increased efficiency.
Superior Portability: Lightweight, foldable design.
User-Friendly Design: 6 stitched loops for easy setup.
Plug & Play Connection: Anderson plugs for secure connection.
Hassle-Free Reconnecting: Auto-optimization for uninterrupted charging.
Upgraded Controller: Lithium-compatible MPPT for 20% more energy.
Ultimate Protection: Overcharging cut-off for reliability.
Lithium Compatibility: Connects to various batteries.
Multiple Functionality: USB port for device charging.

12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket Specification:


Is the solar panel blanket foldable for easy transportation and storage?

Yes, the 12V 200W Folding Solar Panel Blanket is designed to be foldable, making it compact and easy to transport and store. Check the product description or packaging for specific folding instructions.

How long does it take to fully charge a 12V battery using this solar panel blanket?

The charging time for a 12V battery using the solar panel blanket will depend on factors such as sunlight intensity, battery capacity, and charger efficiency. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer's specifications for estimated charging times.

Is the solar panel blanket waterproof and suitable for outdoor use?

Most solar panel blankets are designed to be weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. However, it is important to check the product specifications and guidelines to ensure its waterproof and durability capabilities.